The experience that changed my perception of God

thinkingSecond semester 100level was a remarkable semester in my life. God taught me a good lesson, he taught me that what defines my life must be him alone and not my academics or any other thing. At least I read and my hopes were high. I thought to myself “my CGPA must rise this semester so that I can stay  secure in the class I am.” Lolz, but things happen.

On that fateful Monday morning I went to get my results, I can still remember that day and the drama in my head right now; when my class rep handed over my results to me, with eagerness I checked the results. Fortunately after checking it, I stood numb cause I saw a change in class. Gush! that was a hard thing to  deal with.

We sometimes go through such. The problem was that, I began to substitute God for my academics and my academics success began to define my life like a dog known for baking or a sheep known for bleating, I began to forget the Lord that marvelously helped me and I made academics success my God.

God In his infinite mercy always know how to keep his children from going out of his haven, when ever he sees a particular thing taking his place in your life, he seize it for a while from your hand, he teaches you how to live without it and utterly depend on him alone before giving it back to you.

Just like a parent will say to his child “you are grounded”, God also say such to discipline his own children. He might usurp our phones, laptops, first class, jobs, cars, society importance etc from us for a while just to bring us back to our senses. That’s God for you, those are little ways God also tells us he loves us  😜.


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