Thank you message to those who made me…

No-one is self-made or an island.
We all had people who played great roles in our lives. Those that formed us to who we are today.

At least someone held your hands to write your first alphabetical letters, someone taught you how to read and check in the dictionary. What of those people that led you to Christ? Those great people and books that taught you great principles of life; wisdom, humility, respect, integrity, success etc. Those great friends you also learnt one thing or the other from them. Those ‘enemies’ too that spur you into doing great things.

We ought to be thankful to God for those he sent into our lives. They were like a puppet in the hand of a puppeteer (God) doing great things in our lives. And that is why we are here today standing.

I take this time to thank Jesus, parents, siblings, extended family, teachers, mentors, disciplers, great friends (known and unknown), enemies and finally good books and their authors. That made me who I am today.



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