The convict!


Oh! That prison wasn’t a good place to be at all. It was a dirty place where dirty things are done by dirty people of our calibre.

The dew drops of memory of how cruel and inhuman the hands of those warders were goes beyond description as their hands wickedly shapened us that we almost despair with our lives ; Remembering the tyrannic philosophy of ‘officer Religion’ makes me shiver as though I was still in his web. He was an expert in dishing out “hard and life-choking works’ to us which are usually exponentially beyond our carrying and bearing capacity( no matter how we doubled ourefforts.) The loads on our plates is a mountain that our iron-made fork cannot summon. Yet, he will want us have them done at all cost. And who are we to say no? After all, being a prisoner is to live according to the dictate of the warders. That of ‘officer religion’ won’t be different! I could as well remember that ‘slender-sly officer’ called immorality. With his easy-to- break- backbone, he landed many to great troubles by building unnecessary stimulation in their body systems backing it up with satanic ideas on how to be drown in lust and call it love. And when he has landed guys into problem, the victim blame the devil. What a subtle person ‘officer immorality was?’ what am I to say of officer greed and pride- both are best of friends, always using us to get things that benefit them at all cost, coupled with self-esteem. Time will fail me to tell you about some other warders like anger, gossip, lust, idolatry, drunkenness etc.

For the few days spent in the hands of this fragile warders, life was more than meaningless and miserable. Those few days seem like eternity. They respect no age just as they circumvent people to achieve ungodliness. For real, being in the prison isn’t a good thing, you are dictated and have no will of yours. No freedom at all to unleash your God’s given potentials. We thought it was cool at least we still have our friends together in this place and we even brand some of these things to make it all the more tushed (you understand all the packaging?)

Little did we know that our lives were wasting away and may eternally be prisoners to these no-mercy warders. But just at a time it seems we won’t leave the prison, we did! We walk out freely (not by prison break or jumping the fence), but through a man who walked us out of the prison to freedom. As I walked out of the gate, I exclaimed, ‘VICTORY AT LAST’ And he said, ‘this victory I have secured for you long ago but you keep turning it down. That is why you have been under the control of flesh and even the satan.

I am grateful that you showed me such a great love. Despite my disobedinece, you sought for me in this prison of shame. Thanks Sir.

I say thanks be to God for that man (Christ ) and faith in Him that set me free, oh! How free and happy I’m to be a slave to righteousness (swipes of Masters)! How sweet to be in Christ. Now I’m now a full citizen of a godly nation and family. Hallelujah!

“Before this faith came, we were held prisoners by the law, locked up until faith should be revealed. So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law. You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus- The Word.”

P.S: I enjoin you to please join this family if you haven’t by accepting Jesus into your life TODAY.


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