what if! 

What if Joshua thought waging war with swords and arrows against Jericho would do better than going round the city Playing the trumpets and shouting? Would he still win the battle? Would that pleased God?

What if Noah decided to build the ark according to his own intellectual understanding rather than God’s pattern? Would the ark still save the lives of men? Would it not be a mere embodiment of wood to be swallowed by the flood and get lives wasted? Would the ark not hack His purpose?
Friends, I know you got reasons to ‘what if..’ God’s word and to rationalize it by imploring human wisdom. I know your face was to the hill, knowing full well that there cometh your help. But now, the help tarried and you ‘what if’ His words. As a result, you looked somewhere else. You said, “what if I talk to my friend about it?” When you ought to talk to God about it since he promised to listen and attend to your plea.
Don’t forget father Abraham that chose the words of his wife instead of sticking to God. May be he might have thought as well that, ‘what if Isaac do not come?’ Though it tarried, but Isaac came. His ‘what if’ couldn’t stop God! 
Don’t run faster than he that knows all about you. God don’t work based on your rational thinking but on what his words said! Sticking to His instructions no matter how amazingly ridiculous it might be is all that get things done and not what our human intelligence can factor into his agenda which is eternally settled in heaven.


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