Dressed like a princess in her graciously beautiful purple gown, with her expensive golden jewelries that matched her shoes and a smile on her face She approached me; “hey handsome! Can we be friends?” I stood numb asking myself, “was she blind? All this while, with all my achievements, was she just seeing me now?”

Well, 😁 Smart guys like us “no dey carry last for dis matter.” I quickly obliged and accepted her proposal. We exchanged contacts and that was how we became ally.
I never knew Miss pride that looked Innocent meant harm to me. Our relationship ascended like an eagle that just regain her strength from the mountains and with time her Influence was written all over me. Quite unusual, I failed to acknowledge God in all my achievements, my parents became ‘small’ to me, I thought I should have preeminence in the family. My friends became dirt, I stood aloof from them all because walking or talking with them dents my status and I became deaf to all corrections.
Unknown to me,  I never knew that she was subtly escorting me to Sheol, that she was the one that made Lucifer a devil, that she is the root of all sins, that she is an anti-God and that she is the greatest sin. 
Unwise man like me thought she was just this beautiful, innocent, sexy and fun to be with lady. At least walking with her changed my status quo. 

I traded my life with her for walking, talking and identifying with her. Oh what a shame! 
Friends, if you ever meet Miss pride don’t be deceived by her beautiful smiles, pretty face and sexy curvy body because she exudes out fall and death. 

Friend, Your experience isn’t the best teacher, but learning from others experience is the best teacher. He that has a ear let him hear. 



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