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A Letter To The Female folks. 

To the association of ladies, 
Please help me to tell Shade that I was not given birth to with on/off eyes, my eyes are wide open daily except when I sleep, sleeping is even a voluntary action not a reflex action.

So don’t force me to close my eyes all day. 
Help me to tell Lola my brain and mind draw pictures, even though i’m a science student, I know the theater art that is upstairs. Where there is no night and on no day is its gate ever shut. It acts out everything I see day in day out. 

Please don’t hypnotise my mind. 
Help me to tell Tola, that I am saved does not infer that my libido was taken away. It was my sin that was taken away. So all the rubbing of her body on mine is a chemistry I don’t really understand. 

Please don’t make me wet.
Help me tell them, we all have equal rights to the streets, at least I don’t need to hit my legs to the stone while walking. Tell them, we all have equal rights to worship on Sundays, I don’t need to be distracted while worshipping. Tell them we all have equal rights to learn in the lecture theatre and practical hall,  I don’t need to be distracted while lectures are going on. 
Tell them we don’t need slayers, we need life givers. 

Tell them we don’t need destroyers, we need builders. 

Tell them modesty still counts. It still counts.

Tell them our tongue talking Brothers can still fall all because of their harmless touches. 

Help our brothers. 
Thanks as you deliver my message to them.

The Male folks.