Adekunle and Aduke were at the front of their beautiful Hut in a small hamlets one particular nights while enjoying the ambiance of nature and gazing at their fiery eyes that burnt with love. Right from their courtship years, they always love to sit down in an open field to gaze and moon over the beauty of the firmaments but now that they are wedded in their new Hut, the spacious compound is enough for them to spend time alone as couples in any corner of the compound without anyone disturbing them. While Aduke’s head was on Adekunle’s lap and ready to retire for the night, he began to cogitate in his usual manner; while staring at the moon and the stars he began to ask himself questions; what are all those small small lights hanging on the sky and each reflecting it lights? And he imagined if those lights are not hanging on the firmament will the sky still be beautiful? Questions rushed and rushed into his mind, some of which he could and could not answer. When he could not wrap his head around the enigmatic structures he was staring at he just concluded in his heart that those are what make the night beautiful. And till he died he still wondered how those small small lights and the big light were able to successfully rule the night as the sun also ruled the day.



My former house was close to a cemetery, like 200 steps apart. Scary right? Yes twas scary at some point. As a young boy I feared darkness and unfortunately it was a new area(those virgin areas recently occupied by people). so, our almighty NEPA had not connected electricity into the new area. I dreaded the nights, probably because of the imaginary demons I have drawn on the slate of my mind ensuing from the lurid horrifying films, stories and books I have watched, heard and read back then. So I know the effects of darkness and the essence of lights.

The world is covered with a thick and gross darkness looking for many to tinder it. Unfortunately few men are ready to arise and Shine.
I’m a light! I’m a light!! I’m a light!!!” I keep hearing, but only few make their lights shine.
The word of God says let our light so shine among all men. But the mistake we make as Christians is that we only lit up the light in the church alone but fail to shine it in the world that desperately need it the most. What is the need of a lamp or a bulb in the day? It’s only in the nights it’s needed.
Like insects gentiles want to come into your light and kings to the brightness of your rising. Your light is more appreciated outside the church, shine it.

The stars spread across the firmaments each beautifying the sky with their lights. You too be a star and beautify the the world. Shine your light among all men so that your father in heaven will be glorified.

An illustrious man, Martin Luther King once said “Only in the darkness, you are able to see the stars.

Bamigbola Silas.


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